The Lemonheads-Varshons

The Lemonheads have always swung from one end of the spectrum to the other, at the one end seminal albums like ‘It’s a Shame about Ray’ and at the other lacklustre albums like ‘Car Button Cloth’ and this new collection of covers is no exception. Half the album is great the other is not so good.  Gram Parsons opener ‘I just can’t Take It Anymore’ sets the tone and its good to hear Evan’s voice again, follow that with a radical version of Wire’s ‘Fragile’ and so far we are looking good and it stays like that for a while. But the middle of the album really sags with a pointless duet with Kate Moss and some weird electronica but thankfully it is brought back into line with the Leonard Cohen song ‘Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye’ and ‘Beautiful’ the Linda Perry song made famous by Christina Aguilera, which means now you can admit that it was a great song all along. So half an effort really, slightly disappointing, but when it does work its great. Now let’s hope that slacker Dando pulls his finger out and makes the next Lemonheads album proper.

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