The Leisure Society @ Bodega Social 12/04/09

Lazy journalism has already dubbed this Burton band the British Fleet Foxes and although I can see the comparisons they are so much more than that, playing what is almost a home coming this is the last date on a ‘Line of best fit’ tour which sees them play to an increasing army of fans sprinkled with family and friends. The set split almost into two halves starts quiet which I guess is where the comparisons start but with so many members the sound is much richer and evokes the likes of Arcade Fire, The Decemberists and another local band The Tindersticks. With violin swathes, flute, harmonies and picked guitar they wow the crowd with tracks from their new album and an absolutely amazing cover of Gary Numan’s Cars which they total reinvented and make their own. The second half of the set sees them lose some of the earlier nerves and crank up the set with the faster songs sitting somewhere between The Divine Comedy and The Polyphonic Spree in their wall of sound approach. The crowd are obviously on their side but if anything they didn’t need them to be as they would have won them over anyway with their great songs and tight musicianship. This is the sound of a band that are on the cusp and ready to explode, time will tell how well the album does but certainly live they can cut it with the best of them. This is one society you should consider joining now.

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