The Joy Formidable @ Bodega Social 15/02/09

Anyone lucky enough to have arrived early to a show on last years White Lies tour will have spotted this welsh three piece in support, now with a debut album to promote, ‘A Balloon Called Moaning’, they branch out on their own. Taking confidently to the stage they burst into the first song with no introduction and its clear early on where the bands strengths lie, Matt on drums and Rhydian on bass (and sometimes floor tom) provide an impenetrable force, a strong rhythmic backbone over which guitarist and voice Ritzy does her thing. Dainty she maybe but what she lacks in height she makes up with in noise and using her instrument and a series of pedals she creates walls of sound that combined with the boys hits like a punch. Her voice soars over the screaming guitar as she stalks the stage like a blonde panther, very reminiscent of Tanya Donelly when she fronted Belly in the early Nineties. Their sound, a strange cross between My Bloody Valentine, Future of the Left and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, fills the room tonight and really gets the crowd going. The only disappointment from the set was its length, half an hour just wasn’t enough and the phrase ‘leave them wanting more’ applies. Hopefully they will rise to the heights being enjoyed by former tour mates, they’re obviously hardworking and can cut it live as well as on record, I just hope the next time I see them they want to hang around a little longer. None the less you should try and catch them sooner rather than later because they probably won’t be playing venues this size for very long.

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