The other day I was allegedly eating Scooby Doo pasta shapes, I say allegedly as out of a whole bowl I could only make out one piece that looked vaguely like a van which I assumed was supposed to be the mystery machine. So incredibly unlike the cartoon characters they were supposed to represent and more like random blobs  they may as well have called them ‘John Hurt Elephant Man Face shapes’. Any food stuffs that’s added appeal is supposed education is useless take alphabetti spaghetti for example by the time you’ve found enough recognisable letters to make even the smallest word your dinner is freezing cold. Alphabites are the same but bigger and with even less chance of even being able to make the word potato, ironically. I wonder why companies don’t branch out into other areas I imagine there’s a market for sausage and maths, numburgers and shepherds π.

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One Response to Pasta…

  1. Nicki says:

    oi! i lovingly cooked you those scooby doo inspired blobs, you ingrate :Px

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