The Wrestler

So you have probably heard everyone talking about how this is the resurrection of Rourke’s career (wasn’t that ‘Sin City’?) or the fact that the main characters life parallels his own, how its an amazing piece of casting or how it’s a return to form for Aronofsky after the impressive but distinctly crazy ‘Fountain’. Well all the above is true, the film and its director and the cast all deserve the praise lavished upon them because the film is just that good. So, I hear you cry, will I like it if I’m not particularly a fan of wrestling, well put simply yes, the story and the character are universal they just happen to be set in the world of the sport but could quite easily have been set anywhere. It’s a real life lesson, any of us that have ever messed up no matter how big or small will be able to relate in someway. Rourke plays Randy ‘the Ram’ Robinson a star who has somewhat slipped from grace with his fans and family alike and the story follows him as he tries desperately to inject some normality into his life but his unflinching approach to his waning stardom and his dreams of a better future only go so far and its within his heartfelt fall that the story grips you like a wrestle hold. Shot beautifully, great soundtrack, amazing supporting cast all helps but it is Rourke’s film as his bleach blonde battered and bruised persona fills the screen lighting up every scene. You will find yourself rooting for the underdog, shouting at the screen at his choices and feeling hopelessly sorry for him as he moves through the superbly paced tale of highs and lows. It is filled with genuine human emotion that will sit uneasily in all of us, it will make you start to think how different your life could have been if only you had made a different choice at certain points, it will make you remember when you have been at your happiest and when you have been at the very bottom with seemingly no way out, it captures a moment that lasts for all time. I cannot stress how much I absolutely loved this film because as a film fan it ticked so many boxes and any left were ticked just because I’m human. Films this good don’t come around very often so whatever you do get yourself ringside seats for ‘The Wrestler’ any be prepared to be knocked out.

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