Vicky Cristina Barcelona

The latest offering from the now veteran Woody Allen is set in the Spanish capitol of Barcelona and sees the director giving the city the treatment he has previously lavished on Manhattan and London. The story centres around Juan (Bardem) who is a carefree painter with an unhealthy fixation on his ex-wife; the feeling is mutual to the point where they just can’t shake each other, but enter two friends on holiday to really throw a spanner in the works. Vicky (Hall) is happily about to be married and has her whole life planned, Cristina (Johansson) on the other hand is floundering she doesn’t know what she wants but she does know what she defiantly doesn’t want, the two decide to spend a few summer months together in Barcelona which is where they meet Juan and eventually his ex-wife Maria Elena (Cruz). What follows is a typical Allen story packed with twists and turns and great one liners, never big on set pieces the beauty of Allen’s work lies in his excellent script work, his characters talk like they are real not like actors delivering lines and the situations he places them in requires just that. The cast is strong and with Gaudi as a major backdrop the lives of the characters unfold over the few months and create an enjoyable film packed with humour, heartbreak and plenty of Spanish sunshine. Allen is once again making films that are very unique to him and ultimately very watchable for his audience.

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