Murder Flat

‘Do you get a discount for living in the murder flat?’


‘Like money off your rent or something’

‘No I mean what do you mean the murder flat?’

‘Oh they didn’t tell you when you took the place?’

‘Err no’

‘Well this guy was killed in your flat’

‘No way, when’

‘It was a while ago, it probably took them ages to clean the place up, but I would have thought they would have lowered the rent? At the very least it’s probably haunted’


‘Yes well when someone dies horrifically they tend to come back and haunt the place, don’t they?’


‘Like if they died in bad circumstances they usually cant rest and form a strong attachment to the place where their life ended’

‘So his spirit is in my flat and not happy?’

‘Well there’s a good chance’

‘So I should have a word with my landlord then?’

‘It can’t hurt’

‘I’ll do that then, first thing Monday’

‘Don’t forget to mention the haunting’

‘Oh I wont don’t you worry’

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