Joseph Arthur & The Lonely Astronauts – Temporary People

Joseph is back with an album proper complete with his backing band and guest starring Garth Hudson from The Band on organ and piano. This is Arthur’s seventh studio album and his second with the Astronauts and it has to be said it’s amazing. The musicians he has surrounded himself with are extremely talented and really fill out the songs with a full range of instruments at their disposal. Arthur has always had a knack for writing great songs but add in the band and he’s on another level. At times on a few of the faster songs he sounds a little like Bob Dylan but I guess that’s no bad thing. Songs like ‘Say Goodbye’ with its ‘if you’re gonna leave me you should say goodbye’ sing along chorus and ‘Winter Blades’ with its Instant Karma vibe are both classics and from opener and title track ‘Temporary People’ the record is expertly paced. I’m never sure why Arthur isn’t as big as Ryan Adams, they share so many similarities, both are very prolific, have great songs and release records solo and with their respective bands but as this is Arthurs most accessible album to date I do hope that changes. If listeners get into Temporary People then they can visit his back catalogue and discover classic albums like ‘Big City Secrets’ and my all time favourite ‘Come to where I’m from’. Fans will love how Arthur’s music is progressing and hopefully it will gain a whole new audience and propel him to where he should be. If you like good music then you will like ‘Temporary People’ as its much better than almost everything else around at the moment.


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