Snow patrol- A hundred Million Suns

Ok so there are going to people out there that will knock this record before they have even heard it, the build them up knock them down mentality has befallen Snow Patrol and the band that it’s ok to like has become the band its fashionable to hate. But after their last album which tried to hard to recreate the success of ‘Run’ it is with out hesitation that I can say this record is a return to form and the best since ‘Final Straw’. Yes the tracks are ludicrously catchy sing-a-long and radio friendly but they also have some great depth to them.  ‘Crack the shutters’ is a genuinely honest love song ‘the sun seems to want you as much as I want you’ Gary sings beautifully. First single ‘Take back the city’ shows the band have lost none of there rock/pop sensibilities and sure to be single ‘Please just take these photos from my hands’ is another fine example. Right from the opener ‘If there’s a rocket tie me to it’ with its ‘fire, fire you can only take what you can carry’ refrain up to the 16 minute closer ‘The lightning strike’ this is pure Snow Patrol and will see fans lap it up like a cat with spilt cream. There are still ballads like ‘Set down your glass’ and ‘The planets bend between us’ which aren’t as strong as some of the others but it’s the closing track that shows us the band are not afraid to experiment and challenge themselves, told in three parts the piano drives the melodies across which the band flow with great ease and it contains some of Gary’s best lyrics yet. With Jacknife Lee (U2, Bloc Party, Rem) at the helm this will be the bands most commercially successful album to date but that doesn’t mean you can’t love it. I’m not ashamed to say I do.


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