Doesn’t anyone use a phone to make a call anymore?

I hardly see anyone actually using there phone as a phone. Whenever there’s an incident or happening in the news it always like ‘purple cow floats into path of oncoming plane’ and I’m thinking yeah I want to see that so I click for footage that’s been captured on a….. bloody phone. Suddenly everyone thinks there bloody Spielberg trouble is none of the dipshits filming these things can bloody stand still or point at what’s actually going off. The footage is always out of focus and grainy I could be watching the queen eating a turd and I wouldn’t know. Similarly youths seem to be using their phones as stereos blasting out what I think is music but as it’s so distorted it actually sounds like the wreckage of a lorry of electronic good hitting a cat’s home. Taking photos isn’t much better, the screen is so small and makes everyone’s face all squashed up like a cross between Golem and a pug dog. Don’t worry though because now you can have the internet on your phone too so not only can you be a dick when you are at your computer you can now do it anywhere. The trouble is these all singing all dancing phones that do everything but blow you and make your breakfast are all well and good if you like substandard shit but this putting all your eggs in one basket nonsense means that if you lose one you lose them all. I for one would rather have a camcorder for making films, a camera for taking photos and a stereo or even better I-pod (so nobody has to listen to my taste in music, i.e. I don’t want to listen to yours) and my phone to make phone calls on, is this too much to ask?

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