Think the unthinkable.

Why do people say ‘then the unthinkable happened’? because it obviously hasn’t, because the unthinkable cant exist surely. Like if I was standing in Tesco’s and a pink elephant with golden wings made of Wotsits and Frosties flew close enough to me for me to see its eyes were made out of old rolled up socks and strapped to its back was a papier-mâché model of Orville the duck wearing a lovely velvet waistcoat and as it passed I could see tiny particles of multicoloured ham creating a rainbow of meat in its wake that smelled like netballs would I be shocked? A little surprised maybe but its not the unthinkable because I just thought it then to write it down. So is there anything unthinkable? I would argue not, so I think we should consider removing the phrase from our vocabularies now before we mislead the children, won’t you think about the children.

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