Scars on Broadway

Scars is the brain child of System of a Down guitarist Daron Malakian and drummer John Dolmayan and is a very different beast indeed. Full of System’s trademark guitar licks it also combines pop sensibilities with vitriolic lyrics. Bursting with raw punk energy the songs all short (the longest being 4:15), all catchy are instantly likable and continue to grow with each listen. A few of the lyrics are a little childish and freaky, ‘When I Say F*ck The World Lets Get Ready to Rock, As I P*ss On Your Face While You Suck on My C*ck’ from ‘Chemicals’ for instance, but on the whole its what you’d expect from the guys who usually share a band with Serj Tankian. I’m sure it wont be to everyone’s taste but if you like System, Placebo and the Stooges you should find something here you like.


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