Simp-wii the best.

I’m so tired and my arm hurts today and the reason I was ten pin bowling until about 3am in my lounge. That’s right folks in my lounge thanks to the excellent power of the wii. Now I’ve always been a fan of Nintendo and have brought every single console for years but I’m also a lazy gamer after a long day at work all I want to do, literally, is move my thumbs and not leap around my lounge like a lunatic. That was of course until I spent the night leaping round my lounge like a lunatic and even after a hard day at work I was instantly converted. The options for where this could lead are immense, as I golfed (trust me the closest I will ever get) had a few rounds of tennis, hit some baseball homeruns and scored various strikes in the virtual alley. It is so much fun, well for me at least, not sure what my neighbours think of my grunting and whooping at all hours but hey ho.

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