Well I’ve just been lucky enough to go to a preview screening of ‘Wall-E’ and all I can say is its brilliant and simply one of the best films in Pixar’s ever expanding cannon. Director Andrew Stanton whose previous film was another Pixar classic ‘Finding Nemo’ has excelled beyond anything we could have expected and here everything works perfectly. The animation is pristine and I’m sure sharper than the human eye can actually see, the score fits and flows with the story and the sound done by Ben Burtt (think all the weird noises from Star Wars) is crisp, clear and beautiful. Like any good Pixar film and any kids film worth its weight it works on many levels allowing the more grown up amongst us to laugh along with the younger audience and laugh you can as the practically dialogue free film sees Wall-E himself as a kid of robot Chaplin with each slapstick visual timed to a tee. A lot of this relies on the design of Wall-E a kind of cross between ‘Short Circuits’ Johnny five and ‘The Black Holes’ V.I.N.C.E.N.T. and the fact that he is so aesthetically pleasing while also being able to be so animated is part of the overall charm. The story a simple boy meets girl or should I say robot meets robot has been done to death but here seems to dazzle with a new lease of life and my only criticism of the movie is that at times the whole moral message of recycling, looking after the planet etc is a little shoved down your throat and I know it’s the zeitgeist of the moment but I wanted to be entertained not bummed out. Elsewhere there are great pastiches to ‘2001’ and ‘Close encounters’, the misfit robots are hilarious and never have fat people been so funny. Wall-E has everything you could want; it looks good, sounds good, is very funny and has all the magic you have come to expect from the boys at Pixar. Not only is Wall-E a great film it is as close to a perfect movie as you could hope to get. A big triumph for a little robot.



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