Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

So the man in the hat is back, older than before, but still on whip cracking form 19 years after his last outing, the slap sticking-ly bad ‘Last Crusade.’ Harrison Ford once again plays Dr. Jones this time looking for a crystal skull. Firstly let me just say that the introduction of Indy back into our consciousness is one that is not only a spectacle to behold but a moment you won’t forget for its sheer audacity and it starts the film off with a bang. From here on in its business as usual as Indy helps Mutt (Labeouf) track his step father who has already set off on the trail of the legendary skull. With the Russians close behind led by the ever gorgeous Blanchett it’s a rollercoaster of a trip as we enjoy some great set pieces, from the spooky graveyard to the tank chase and finishing with the final flurry that I won’t spoil by mentioning here. Along the way you get little turns from Winstone, Hurt and Broadbent but despite his age its Fords film as he wise cracks and whips his way around the story, you get a real sense that he enjoyed being back in the role that, along with Han Solo, he will be remembered most for. The funniest thing I have heard people say is that it’s a little far fetched to which I have to remind them that this is probably the most plausible of the four, the ark of the covenant and holy grail anyone? Anyway all that said I enjoyed reliving my youth a little and although it’s not a five star film it stays true to the originals and certainly doesn’t try to upset like the new Star Wars or Transformers did. It is an adventure film laden with humour that made going to the cinema a joyful experience and something has to be said for that in this day and age. So not life changing but does what it says on the tin. A solid effort from Speilberg and Lucas, I imagine it will go down well on television on Christmas day in many years to come when a heavy lunch means light entertainment is all the family can manage.

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