City and Colour @ Rescue Rooms 04/04/08

Far from his noisy world of playing rhythm guitar and singing in emo-punksters Alexisonfire, tonight Dallas Green is here with his acoustic side project ‘City and Colour’. Playing songs from albums ‘Sometimes’ and latest release ‘Bring me your love’ he is joined on stage by a drummer and bassist and from the start he has the crowd in awe. Stripped of his usual pace and feedback his songs shine with an ethereal quality that let the poignancy of his lyrics hit you to the point of little tears in the corner of your eyes. With a voice that makes me think at times that he is the emo equivalent of Jeff Buckley he blasts through song after great song before losing the band and doing some on his own, his banter with the crowd shows he also has a sense of humour and as he straps on his harmonica and tells us stories of tour bus games. The crowd sing along in unison when he does an Alexisonfire song and even better is his cover of Rose Royce’s ‘Love don’t live here anymore’ (although most here will probably only just be old enough to remember the Madonna version!). After a short gap he returns to the stage to do another couple of songs but sadly a curfew means that’s all we are going to get tonight, despite Dallas’s professing that he could go on all night, so we all leave thoroughly satisfied and safe in the knowledge that there is life outside of the tattoo’s and moshpits that dog his day job and a hidden beauty in Mr.Green that I hope continues to develop.

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