Be your own Pet- Get Awkward

After a pretty successful self titled debut ‘be your own pet’ are back with an album that has not only spawned four a side singles in a week, is only twenty nine minutes long and sounds like the bastard offspring of an unholy union between the Ravonettes and Queens of the Stone Age, neither of which is a bad thing. With each song roughly just over two minutes in length they are little pop/punk ditties in the style of the Ramones and if their debut suffered from them not being able to decide whether or not to hold on to some indie tendencies here the only thing they are suffering from is rock ‘n’ rock. Every song projects visions of sweaty rooms and even sweatier mosh pits and with titles like ‘Bummer time’, ‘Food fight’ and ‘Zombie graveyard party’ if the songs weren’t so good you could be forgiven for thinking they were joking. But far from it ‘be your own pet’ have never sounded so much like they meant it before.



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