The Gutter Twins- Saturnalia

For a fan of the Afghan Whigs, Screaming Trees and The Twilight Singers this collaboration couldn’t be more exciting. Some joint ventures work, other don’t (think Tom Jones and Stereophonics) some are a match made in heaven or should that be hell because two of the godfathers of grunge and dirty rock makers have got together and produced an amazing record. I am talking of course of Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan, not content with each respectively making great music anyway they have to go and show us all up by getting together and making the mighty ‘Saturnalia’. From the offset the dirty duo are both on top form, Dulli’s guitar swathing through song after song as gravel voiced Lanegan gives depth a new meaning. Sharing writing duties means you get the best of both worlds and with guest vocals from Martina Topley-Bird on ‘The Body’ and one of my favourite artists Joseph Arthur on ‘Idle Hands’ its not all about just the two of them. Dulli takes on a lot of the musical duties but he also has an army of great musicians behind him adding various layers to each of the compositions from belting balls out rock to powerful strings. Sound wise its pretty easy to explain think of all the best bits from both parties back catalogues and your almost there, except its better, you can almost feel the sparks flying off these two as they power through the twelve tracks. Dark, moody and bloody brilliant this is one of the best albums I’ve heard in ages a real dirty rock record. Oscar Wilde famously once said ‘we are all in the gutter just some of us are looking at the stars’ now the stars are in the gutter with us, long may they continue to make music this good.


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