The Charlatans- You Cross My Path

I have always been a big fan of Tim and the boys, even in some of their dodgiest periods I have stuck by them, so I’m relieved to let this album speak for itself. They are on form and sound like time hasn’t aged them in the slightest, for ‘You Cross My Path’ sounds like ‘Some Friendly’ era Charlatans all confident and fresh. They have obviously been listening to a lot of seventies/eighties music as you can pick out elements of The Cure, Joy Division and Depeche Mode all wrapped up in their usual style of indie piano pop. ‘Oh! Vanity’ is a solid opener which is followed by the haunting ‘Bad Days’ and ‘Mis-takes’ with its ‘Love will tear us apart’ Hammond. ‘Misbegotten’ rumbles in and evokes the ghost of The Stone Roses ‘This is the one’ forming a wall of sound as big as anything they have done before. ‘A Day for Letting Go’ is typical Charlatans fair with the organ driving it forward and Tim breaking into falsetto. ‘You Cross My Path’ as well as lending the album its title is a catchy little beast that sees Tim fit so many words into the chorus it’s a wonder how he breaths. ‘Missing Beats’ laments on times past ‘missing beats of a generation, disappointments and frustration’ and would be the most obvious single here. ‘My Name is Despair’ with its strange aboriginal drone is the darkest and most engaging track, you cant ignore its strange timing and thumping piano and the sounds right in the background are genuinely creepy. But it proves that the band are still trying to challenge and not just knock out a load of radio friendly unit shifters. ‘Bird/Reprise’ is a two and a half minute filler that you sense has the ability to be expanded on and so doesn’t fully become realised, but it leads you nicely to ‘This is the End’. The final track here opens with a simple picked guitar before the band join in and build it up to ‘Sproston Green’ territory before it breaks back down. Then that’s it ten tracks and just over thirty minutes of music the Charlatans are still proving they can cut it and show some of the younger bands how its done and its available for free at so what are you waiting for.


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