Foxboro Hot tubs- Stop Drop and Roll

Is it ‘Green Day’ messing around with ideas, after all they’ve done it before, well if it is they have been listening to too many Hives records as opening song is almost identical to ‘Hate to say I told you so’ and by track two with its lust for life guitar lick, already previously stolen by Jet, we are in no better territory. ‘Ruby Room’ is a typically Green Day sounding song and wouldn’t be amiss on ‘Dookie’ where as ‘Red Tide’ the longest and slowest song here is a Beetles/Stones hybrid of some kind very reminiscent of ‘Rain’. ‘Highway 1’ is a hit exclaims the album sleeve which is a little hard to believe but it at least has a solo that wasn’t nicked off the Sex Pistols like in closer ‘She’s a saint not a celebrity’. With six songs at just over fifteen minutes it’s thankfully over quite quickly and as they were famously sued over the riff in ‘Warning’ I’d have the lawyers on stand by, who ever it is.

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