Lars and the Real Girl

From a television documentary I know that guys like Lars exist, lonely men who have very limited social skills that form bizarre bonds with inanimate sex dolls. One guy on the show had eight of these dolls, although they are a lot more lifelike than the tacky open mouthed inflatable’s of yesteryear, they are still dolls. As the story of Lars unfolds we discover his past has a lot to do with his current state of mind, a state that the doctor believes is a delusion. As the film begins we meet Lars (Gosling) his brother Gus (Schneider) and his brothers pregnant wife Karin (Mortimer) they are quite a close family but from the outset you can see that Lars is a bit different, closed and a little geeky. But when Lars turns up with Bianca his new girlfriend, who just happens to be a mail order high class sex doll, everyone really starts to worry about his state of mind. From here on in the small local community, on doctor’s advice, rally together to humour Lars and his new girlfriend, literally everyone is in on the act and all pretend that Bianca is real. They all go to great lengths too, getting her jobs, clothes, haircuts and they even let her go to church every Sunday, its all a bit weird. Initially I thought that this would be a comedy but it’s more a drama of the human spirit. Somewhere in this story there is a real humble human tale but I couldn’t quite find it amongst the creepiness, I know that it is bursting with kindness and love but it stretched my ability to believe in it just a bit too much. Despite that the performances are good and the film flows really well. Some people will probably get the sentiment, really embrace it and genuinely get a lot from this film where as others (like myself) will be left a little bemused by the overall tone. That said this is a challenging and very different film that will, without a doubt, divide audiences making ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ this years film equivalent of Marmite.  

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