Goldfrapp-Seventh Tree

Goldfrapp have been nothing if not challenging album to album and ‘Seventh Tree’ is no exception to that rule. After the last couple of records of dance floor fillers the record company must have been chewing at the bit for this and I wonder what they said when they first heard it. Like a long ball from left field this album is mellow and even though there are some electronic noises present a little bit folk. The thing is if it wasn’t so good this could have backfired losing the band fans along the way but fans that can remember as far back as their glorious debut ‘Felt Mountain’ will welcome back some of the subtleties lost in the stomping anthems and embrace the frail beauty of Alison’s voice back here not fighting for space but dominating. The songs are all catchy and all nestle next to each other perfectly to form a consistent whole that is both confident and experimental. How this will sit alongside their other songs live remains to be seen but don’t dismiss this record it’s as good as anything they have done before if not better. Let’s hope they surprise us again next time with something equally as brilliant.

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