Stop Press:Doherty in playing a gig shocker.

Apparently there are no wars or famine or disease or pestilence this week but they do say no news is good news right? Yet the Godfathers at the BBC have deemed that the fact that Pete Doherty will play his largest ever solo show front page news. Apparently Pete ‘I’m in it for the crack’ (quite literally) Doherty will play the Royal Albert Hall in front of a massive 5,500 fans, oooh. Now the only thing this story seems to highlight to me is that there are 5,500 idiots with no taste in music, an unhealthy obsession with drug addicts and too much expendable income. I’ve seen this sorry sack of shit a few times before and on no occasion did he impress me enough to warrant this bizarre love the nation seems to have for him. Oh it’s just cheeky Pete off his pimply little jug face on brown robbing his so called best mates flat and then every now and again knocking out a shitty little ditty on his battered guitar. If you want to listen to the 6th form poetical woes of talentless junkies go to any rehab session at your local prison and be swept away by the amazing sound of the inmates banging their wooden spoons again hand painted flowerpots. Since when did the deranged scribblings of a scrawny middle class white boy become great works of literature? And before you bang on about the Libertines they did a few good songs but that was a joint effort and nothing he’s done since has come even close. The sooner he marries Amy Crackhouse and fucks off to an island with her and a big bag of cheap blow and vows never to return the better for any of us with a shred of taste and ears.

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