End of an Era.

What a sad day, the BBC are axing school drama ‘Grange Hill’ after 30 years on our screens. I like many grew up watching this programme and have very fond memories. I remember evil Mr. Bronson and his wig, the cartoon sausage that dominated the opening credits along with the familiar ‘wha wha wha wha dum dum dum dum diddle dum da’ of the accompanying music, I remember roly poly chip loving chubster Roland, that guy from Eastenders who got aids, a ginger bully and Zammo’s demise into the seedy underbelly of drugs. I watched him die, I brought the record and just said NO, well that’s not strictly true and maybe that’s why all my memories are poor not just the ones about Grange Hill. That said one recollection I have of my time watching ‘The Hill’ and attending school myself was when the pupils of the fictional school played a rather cool/cruel trick on the teacher, basically during a lesson they all hummed, it might not sound a lot but when thirty kids are all humming together and you don’t know who it is it is not only irritating but quite loud. Of course the next day in double history we all did it and secured ourselves a detention in the process, but we really wound up the teacher and many years later he had a nervous breakdown, now whether we can be held responsible for his inevitable check in at the looney bin still needs to be proven but it was all thanks to ‘Grange Hill’ and its twisted writers that we all got the idea in the first place. So I say now to the BBC what will unimaginative kids do now without superb programmes that that to give them ideas? Grange Hill R.I.P.

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