Whats the world coming too?

A recent survey carried out by UKTV Gold Television channel revealed some very scary results. It turns out that a quarter of those surveyed actually believed that Winston Churchill was a myth and even worse the majority thought Sherlock Holmes was real. The survey also revealed that forty seven percent thought English King Richard the Lionheart was himself a myth and twenty three percent thought that Florence Nightingale was made up and unbelievably three percent believed that Charles Dickens was himself a work of fiction. Thirty three percent also believed that W.E. John’s fictional pilot Biggles was a real person. Shocking in itself that so many of the great British public are stupid is one thing but that fact the viewers of UKTV gold were probably around the same time as Churchill and probably also watch UKTV History channel. I could understand to a certain extent if these answers came from young people as the majority of youth today is basically shot to shit, but come on people seriously thinking that Churchill didn’t exist puts him in the same category as Bugs Bunny, Big foot and God amongst others.

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