Diablo Cody, name not familiar? it will be for she has just written her first screenplay and it’s a corker. Directed by Jason Reitman who you may remember did the excellent ‘Thank you for Smoking’ and the not so memorable ‘Kindergarden cop’ it tells the story of Juno MacGuff a wise cracking teenage who accidentally becomes pregnant and has to make some serious decisions about her unborn child. Michael Cera, famous for playing George-Michael in the vastly overlooked TV show ‘Arrested Development’ and as hapless student Evan in last years Comedy ‘Superbad’ is brilliant as the unwitting father who everyone believes ‘I didn’t know he had it in him’. The supporting cast are a collection of faces that include Jason Bateman, Jennifer Garner and Spiderman’s own J. Jonah Jameson, J. K Simmons; all are great but its Ellen Page as Juno who steals the show firing off one liners like they were written by Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). Some have called the movie this years ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and they wouldn’t be far wrong, it’s sharp and funny and may just be this years surprise Oscar winner and box office smash.

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