Alien vrs Predator: Requiem

It seems that no-one has a good word to say about this film which is weird because as far as I was concerned it did exactly what I expected it to do. I like Aliens, I like Predators and I like to see the two knock seven bells out of each other. What I can’t understand is what people want? A high-brow AVP movie? Alien hasn’t been any good since the studio made Fincher release a substandard and heavily cut Alien3 and really only the first Predator was any good so why are people expecting more from the space rivals? This film has all the best bits from all the other films, an alien comes up behind someone, a predator takes care of a nasty flesh wound, an alien swims after a teenager, a predator skins people and so forth. There is no real story apart from the carnage and there really is no need for one because each section just exists to get to another alien/predator, alien/human or predator/human conflict and its great. There is also the predalien the hybrid of the two species that is quite frankly well hard, I still think they missed a trick not calling it the alienator, but that just me. Did I mention how hard it is? It’s big and mean and kicks some butt. It’s all set in a small town and it’s all a bit much for them so they call the army in and there’s more carnage and shooting. Then of course there’s the scene where the predator sits down to read a book to expand his mind, no of course he doesn’t, but he does bite someone’s face off! Yay. Its dumb but its fun, its not going to win any awards, its not going to resurrect the ailing franchise and by the looks of things its not going to please die-hard fan boys but I am guilty as charged because I got what I expected and enjoyed it. Sorry.

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