2008 starts here….

Well the hangover has gone and so has Christmas, I know this because two days ago I saw an Easter egg advert on television, come on guys give us bloody chance the corpse of Christmas past is still warm. Anyway now the depression sets in I’m a year older, January is a tight(er) month and the weather is just plain old grey. I really want some snow and I’ll tell you for why, for two reasons 1) it would justify the perpetual cold and 2) its like a big practical joke being played on the country, the whole thing virtually shuts down! ‘Oh my god it’s a little bit of frozen water, shut the schools, don’t go out, check on the wrinklies, boil the cat, and build the snow defence systems, panic, PANIC’. Why are we so lame just strap tennis rackets to your feet and get on with it, at least it makes the place look a little prettier at least until everything turns to sludge ‘arrggh sludge panic etc…’. anyway I endeavour to continue into the forth year of my blog, ranting, raving and reviewing so join me now as I ask you once again to Come2whereimfrom.

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