The Darjeeling Limited

Wes Anderson returns with another subtle and beautiful comedy/drama about three brothers trying to come to terms with their father’s death while taking a spiritual journey across India. Marring together traditional camera styles and that of bollywood films Anderson weaves the story through a tapestry of colourful set pieces and sibling rivalry. Brody, Wilson and Schwartzman play the brothers brilliantly each with their own unique mannerisms and ticks. Although different in some ways from his earlier films it still contains his trademark mixed bag soundtrack, use of slow motion and unrivalled attention to detail in every single shot. There are some laugh out loud moments but to me it was more of a none laughing comedy, that’s not to say it’s not funny, it is, it’s just that you laugh inside more than outwardly as you identify with the uncomfortable situations. With little cameos from Bill Murray, Natalie Portman and Angelica Huston adding to the line-up the film gently travels along its path to hopefully enlightenment for the cast and audience alike. This won’t be to everyone’s taste, some will find it slow and too earnest, maybe even a little twee, but if you let yourself go along for the ride you should find the Darjeeling an interesting journey to take.

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