Big is beautiful but small is way cooler!

Sat around with some work colleges one mentioned that they had a little lemon tree which reminded me how I used to unsuccessfully look after a few bonsai trees, they were actually more like bonsai twigs because I was so bad at it, but I love them these miniature versions of bigger things. This then sent my mind racing as to how cool the planet would be if we had other things in bonsai form, like animals. Imagine how cool it would be to have a house giraffe, no bigger than waste height, running room your lounge like it was the Serengeti. Just think of a little hippo about the size of a guinea pig in your bath, you could throw sprouts at it like a scaled down version of cabbages. And instead of those plastic disembodied heads that girls practice hairstyles on, a little lion, kill one bird with two stones, a pet and a mini mane to perm and plat. Of course we already have bonsai cheese biscuits in the form of cheddars, Cadbury’s bars in the form of heroes and people in the shape of dwarfs. Obviously there are certain things that if they were bonsai would be rubbish like five pence coins and bees, money you couldn’t see and a honey shortage would surely ensue. But overall I think with a little imagine and a shrinking ray the world could be made a much more interesting place to live. Fact.

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