I could Murder a wax sculpture of a serial killer.

The other day I stumbled across an article about Madame Tussaurd’s and I remembered going there as a kid and seeing all the waxworks of famous people including famous murderers. What with the forthcoming ‘Sweeny Todd’ film by Tim Burton and recent event in the news I got to thinking why do we have this morbid curiosity and more importantly why do we seem to celebrate it? I seem to remember that at one of the venues in the horror section they have the original acid bath Crippen used to dissolve his bodies and I think they have the barber’s chair that Todd used or at least they claim to. All this got me to thinking is it just old murderers that we celebrate after all I haven’t heard of Tussaurd’s displaying Harold Shipman’s needles or Ian Huntley’s bath. At what point would an entertainment venue have a meeting and go ‘guys we need to bring ourselves up to date, the old exhibits are getting tired we need some new blood (sic), any ideas?’ and then a young idea filled executive has the answer ‘what about Fred West’s Patio or Peter Tobin’s spade?’. At which point are these decisions made? When is it ok to charge people money to see murderer’s items under the guise of entertainment? And what is the timescale how long does a victim have to be dead in the ground before their slayer becomes canonised in wax? Don’t you find it funny that when these things are announced everyone is shocked and disgusted yet sometime later they enjoy the whole spectacle on a family day out? Aren’t we human’s weird in so many ways? I don’t think I’ll ever understand us.

Since writing this I have found out that Louis Tussaud’s in Blackpool has amongst others a Fred and Rosemary west! Whatever next?

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