We are about to learn a valuble lasson…

It’s great; it’s going to be the real test of his so called ‘magic powers’. I am of course talking about wacky David ‘I make huge things disappear’ Copperfield. This week he has been accused of forcing himself on a lady at some point in time. Now he’s cancelled loads of shows and got his lawyers primed, but it begs the question of why? Apart from the inconvenience and whether he did or didn’t do it shouldn’t really matter to Dave because even if he goes down for it he’ll be o.k. I mean he can escape from Alcatraz for god sake and I’ve seen him walk through the Great Wall of China and I’m pretty sure I saw him fly once so unless they hold him some kind of X-men style future cage I reckon he’ll be fine. I mean he wouldn’t even have to lie low, as they say, if he gets caught again he can just do another Houdini job and worm his way out. Seriously who can keep Copperfield down? Unless of course all those tricks were faked!!! Dun dun der the plot thickens.

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