Radiohead- In Rainbows

Bucking all trends and releasing their new album on download where you the listener get to choose how much to pay (between 0 and £100) Radiohead have once again changed perceptions and stuck it to the man as it were. The idea behind this bold move is, they say, to get their music out quicker to the fans so it feels to us as fresh as it did to the band when they recorded it. So gimmick/genius idea aside what of the music? Well quite frankly it’s amazing; it’s so layered and full of depth that even after several listens you are still only just starting out on the musical journey that is this album. Being in a position to please no one but themselves they sound like they are now making the music they have always dreamed of making and although they could still go so far this is the most exciting part of the trip. Long gone are the days of the indie guitar anthems, rock operas and electro noodling now replaced with a hybrid of everything they have learnt so far and a sound so mature it’s almost like they have been doing this for years, which they have, but its sounds like longer. The sound is pure Radiohead, no one else comes close, where as lots of other established bands spawn copycats that grow to replace their older masters its seems like Radiohead are untouchable and on the evidence here will remain so. The songs burst with the sounds of pop, rock, jazz, reggae and by saying that I’m not doing the songs any justice because its all in the mix with fuzzed up bass lines, Graceland drumming and Thom’s fragile falsetto sounding stronger than it ever has. As a band they not only challenge you musically but also visually working with artists to create exciting websites and images including cryptic messages that always keep the fans guessing right up until the final product. As a fan of the band I would love to take you through each track individually but I really need to live with this record a lot more before I could possibly speak with any authority, what I will say is I cant wait to listen to it again and again it is the most enjoyable record I have heard in a long time. Thanks Radiohead you have done it again.

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