Manners don’t cost anything.

I can’t stand people being rude when there is no need for it. Today on my way to work some of the new student freshers stopped me and asked for directions which I was in the process of giving them when this little chavy rude girl gobbing off on her phone says to me ‘scuse me yeah’ to which I move to let her past. Here this altercation should have stopped but oh no she has to start having a go at me via whoever she is on the phone to, ‘what iz it wiv people gettin in ma way yah’ waving her spare arm around like its on fire and gesturing in my direction. Grumbling like I’m supposed to have sensed her coming with my back to her and moved so her highness could pass, like it was my fault I was stood helping someone new to the city if it messed with madams day. ‘I moved for you what’s your problem?’ I say ‘No one moves out ma way no more, so rude man’. I’m guessing she’s never looked up the word irony in a dictionary before and I’m going to bet she never will. This country I ask you.
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