Turin Brakes live @ Malt Cross 20/09/07

‘We haven’t played live for ages’ says Olly as he takes to the stage with band mate Gale and guest bass player. Tonight they are here to play this intimate gig to promote excellent album number 4 ‘Dark on Fire’ a return to form for the band, packed with sun kissed melodies and dark brooding anthems. So tonight stripped down to two guitars and bass they play a selection of new songs and a hand full of classics to an enraptured crowd of invite only fans. The atmosphere is excellent and the sound is amazing in the old music hall turned pub venue and the boys are on form, their voices filling the room with sing along songs. The setting really suits the band and although they promise they are back in October with a full band at a bigger venue I cant help but think it wont be quite as good as this. They play ‘Ghost’ my favourite song and surely a contender for a single from the new album before leaving the stage, after rapturous applause they return to thank the crowd before ending on a brilliant rendition of ‘Painkiller’. I for one was impressed by the hour I’ve spent in the company of a band who have not only made a great new record but proved they can still cut it live.


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