Battle of the sexless

I think I’ve worked it out. It’s an age old question that can raise quite a lot of issues between the two sexes. Why do older men go out with younger women? Really it’s very simple, there is no pressure. When you get to my age its hard to meet women who aren’t scrutinising you as to whether you’d be good father material or not or how to get that ring on your finger, younger women just want to have fun and haven’t thought that far ahead yet. No pressure. Unless you really have an amazingly strong desire to settle down and pump your wife full of population paste then the whole idea can be very daunting for a man. It’s not necessarily the woman’s fault after all the body clock is ticking and screaming Elvis song lyrics at you ‘It’s now or never’. Yes young women are sometimes naive and inexperienced but even that is preferable to an older woman who hasn’t yet found that special one and when you become the next in line to apply for that position not only do you have to better your predecessors, you have to convince her that she doesn’t really want to start a family and she’d rather just go to the pub with all your mates. It’s a relationship minefield. The thing is its really hard for blokes too, you just can’t tell by looking who is desperate for the pitter patter of tiny feet. Seeing a woman in a bar drinking, flirting your brain says ‘she’s a goodtime girl, having fun, looking good, I wonder if she does this every week?’ but in reality she’s probably thinking ‘I cant wait to bag a nice guy so I can stop coming here, get away from these people, get out these f*cking shoes and settle down’. I think a lot of men like the idea of having children, leaving something behind when your gone, much like they do after most trips to the toilet, but for women its in their nature and they are packed full of chemicals that make them the perfect baby making machines, much like the terminator was the perfect killing machine and who’s going to argue with that? Ultimately it’s hard to meet people in this race of rats we call everyday life but it’s even harder to meet someone that fits, someone that wants what you want and can provide what you need. I guess the economy is partly based on people still looking and partly on the fall out of those that didn’t want it in the first place. Maybe we should all wear badges that make our intentions clear to others; it would save a lot of time, money and heartache. What do you think?

Footnote: I am sure also that there are older women out there that don’t want to start families etc I just haven’t met you yet. Sorry. 

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