Foo Fighters-Echoes, silence, patience and grace

The nicest man in rock returns with his trusty band of noise makers, I am talking of course about Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters and Echoes, silence, patience and grace is quite possibly their best album to date. Always have they been a great singles band but somehow the albums have never been wholly great with a few tracks always seeming to be fillers which is weird because most Foo’s B-Sides are better than some bands A’s. But here they have with the exception of the strange instrumental country picking of ‘Ballad of beaconsfield miners’ created an album with just the right amount of everything. Lead track and first single ‘Pretender’ is the older brother of ‘One by one’ and after a deceptive intro stomps your ears in typical Foo style. Other belters include ‘Erase replace’ and ‘Come alive’ with Grohls voice sounding like he’s going to choke on his own throat. As a songwriter he has defiantly matured again and injected some new longevity into his band and its slower tracks like ‘Stranger things have happened’ and the beautiful closer ‘Home’ that stand out and prove that there is still a lot of life in this stadium rock outfit. Not quite their ‘Nevermind’ yet but certainly the closest they have been. 

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