In this World

I want to live under fiery skies

The kind that make you cry

At the wonder that’s unfolding

I want to get wet in a vicious storm

One where the waters warm

And its you that I’m holding


In my arms

My eyes hurt from staring

At your face

But I am past caring

Right now

I want

Nothing more

This is my world

This is my world


I want to live beneath oak trees

And feel the autumn breeze

Against my window

I want to walk in an open space

And feel a sense of place

So I don’t feel so hollow


In my mind

My head hurts from thinking

About your face

I will stop by drinking

You away

Away from me

I’ve had enough

Of this world

Of this world


I want to swim where the waters blue

Makes you feel like new

Takes your breath away

I want the sunlight to warm my face

Hide the tear salt trace

I had enough of crying


Over you

I sorry I’m not over you

I’m worried

That I can’t stop drinking

You away

Away from me

I need to find myself

In this world

In this world 

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