Considering that they are not filmmakers but musicians Daft Punk’s ‘Electroma’ comes as quite a surprise. Based loosely on the theme of identity it takes the best visual bits from so many past films and weaves them together with breathtaking results. One minute its Easy Rider then 2001 via Zabraski Point, David Lynch, Westworld, Vanishing Point and many more. The music, they used none of their own, drifts in and out and with no dialogue acts as the films secondary layer. But most of the magic here lies in the visuals, whether its reflections in the robots helmets, the stark white laboratory, the melting faces, sand dunes-scapes and the fire (a scene used throughout that becomes clear at the end) it is just so appealing on the eye. Nothing I can say could describe its full potential and on seeing it you should realise why it’s played every night in a French cinema for the last few years and always busy. Anyone with a love of film, art film, experimental film and even if you don’t like the band should be, like I was, submerged from start to finish in the world of ‘Electroma’. 

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