I wanna get high.

A strange memory came to me the other night, I was lighting a incense cone and I had a flashback to my childhood. It was one of those embarrassing memories you’d probably rather forget or in my case share with complete strangers on the net. It was a memory of drugs, not real drugs I hadn’t discovered them yet, but basically when me and my friends were very little we were convinced that you could get high on incense cones and joss sticks. We would light a whole load and sit around in a fug of lavender or some other god awful fragrance and get mashed. Except we weren’t getting mashed it was all in our heads, talk about the placebo effect! It was around this time that we charred our windpipes black by trying to smoke dried banana skins and made ourselves sick on egg custards as someone told us the nutmeg tripped you out. The things you do when you young and impressionable its amazing half of us are even here.  

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One Response to I wanna get high.

  1. Chris Pich no T says:

    I know it might sound silly but I had the same experience. Well it was the smell of the solution that cleaned the bins, which reminded me of my Great Grandmother.
    It is funny how one smell can take you back to your childhood.

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