Now where did i put those pesky shooters?

An official report out today suggests that The Pentagon has lost track of 190,000 AK-47s and pistols given to Iraqi security forces. How the hell do you do that? Granted I’ve lost my keys before and then found them again, I’ve lost the odd day and money in the past but 190,000 guns. Do you know how much room that would take up? It would probably fill a very large oil tanker, which ironically even America couldn’t lose in the middle of Iraq, one would hope. But no its just one blunder after another and we have just armed the opposition so that this futile war can carry on for much much longer with more useless bloodshed. Because it’s not like they’ll go well we can’t carry on without our guns, nah they’ll just make 1000s more. If I were them I would imagine Iraq as a giant sofa, work out where the back of it would be and look there, because last time I looked down the back of my sofa I found things I didn’t even know I’d lost. 

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