It pays to get knocked up, apparently.

They are at it again, fucking breeders, why do we let people do it for fuck sake? I don’t mean people shouldn’t if that’s what they want but shouldn’t there be some rules? Like if you can’t afford to bring up children then don’t have them, I can’t afford a x-box 360, I have to save and work until I can afford one, then and only then can I get my console of choice. Why should babies be any different? The reason I’m ranting is because of the story I read today about this couple in Berkshire who have been given a £500,000 house by the local council, they have 12 kids, an annual benefit income of £44,000 and neither of them work or are actively seeking work, it’s a fucking joke. He says it’s not worth him working he gets more on the dole and she spouted some bullshit about it’s her job to have children. Well maybe I should have just got some 16 year old pregnant instead of going to college and university and working for a living for the fuck all  I have to show for it, trying to better myself through education and not just expecting a government hand out that all tax payers are footing. So if you go home to your house which doesn’t have a fridge and has a broken window and mould in the bathroom think about this family in their free half a million pound house and join me in hating them for being everything that is wrong with this country, world even, people want everything for nothing, shame is it seems the bastards always get it. 

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