The Simpsons Movie

Ten years in the making and finally Americas number one family are on the big screen but with mixed reviews aplenty is this animated feature any good? Well casual fans should love it and it is very funny but die hards will probably be a little disappointed but they are probably being too picky. With just an hour and a half and a cast of hundreds a lot of your favourite characters don’t even get a look in, so this really is all about the principle characters of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. The story is simple enough Homer causes a disaster and then has to fix it, it’s a no brainer but its not really about the story that is just there to hang the gags from and they do come thick and fast, spiderpig and the naked skateboarding are classics and remind you of the days when the television show was at its peak and I think that is what will make people believe this film is brilliant. After 400 episodes and a few dips in the level of writing its just good to see the characters being funny again, it’s a welcome return to form. But it can at times feel like three good episodes stitched together and that is maybe why this transition to the cinema screen is not as successful as everyone at first thought. It’s funny and it’s entertaining but don’t expect too much and you won’t be too disappointed, just enjoy this film for what it is and have a laugh.  

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