Single or a double?

Relationships are weird aren’t they? I know so many people who aren’t fully happy in theirs but they still stick it out anyway. Are people that frightened of being alone that they will put up with being treated badly? There are good points to being in a relationship like sharing experiences, keeping each other warm, sharing baths, waking up in each others arms, staying in bed all day fooling around etc. but equally there are downsides people try to change each other in to the person they want to be going out with as apposed to loving them for who they are, you have to answer to someone else, always be considerate, make sacrifices and a whole lot more. I hear people say ‘I’m fine on my own, I like being single’ but are they really? There’s nothing like being held for hours when you feel like shit, a long embrace after a prolonged period apart, feeling them breathing next to you in bed and then of course there’s the sex. Sex can be horrible, nasty, pointless and boring but between two people who have such strong feelings its can be amazing, ecstatic, heavenly and pure. That is a hard thing to imagine never having, harder if you have experienced it before and are constantly striving to find again. So is that what we humans do? Is that why we go through so many failed relationships and bad sex? Always trying to find your soul mate, the one, your other half. If at first you don’t succeed try, try again goes the old saying or just lump it and put up with what you have even if it doesn’t make you happy. If you want to do that then I’m ok with that but I have to say I’m pig sick of fucking hearing about. Tell someone who cares because frankly I have enough problems of my own. This article was intended to be quite nice when I started writing it and I’ve now realised its actually gone quite bitter and twisted so I’m sorry, also it is not directed at anyone in particular it’s meant very generally.



Come2whereimfrom is currently single. 

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