Thunder and lightning very very frightning.

I love music, I love it so much I have a massive collection of tapes, records, compact discs and now digital music, I D.j. and play in a band. In the words of Depeche Mode ‘I just can’t get enough’. Now I know its shallow but I really love my i-pod, music when and wherever I want, 11, 463 (and counting) songs at my disposal, the soundtrack to my life. But do I love it enough to risk wearing it in a storm? There are now several reported cases of people wearing music players and being struck by lightning, now golfers I can understand if your stupid enough to go about in stupid pringle jumpers waving a metal stick in the air in an open space during a storm then you’re asking for trouble, but music fans where’s the justice in that? Unless the lightning is only striking people with appalling taste, maybe we need to find out what these people were listening to? But still regardless of taste it still seems a little extreme to be struck to the point that and I quote:

The man’s jaw was broken, probably by muscle contraction.

The current of electricity through his headphones caused the air in his ears to heat and expand, creating pressure waves which burst his eardrums.

The extra jolt of electricity through the wires of the man’s music player caused second-degree burns all the way down his chest and to his left leg.

In addition, witnesses reported the man being thrown about eight feet (2.4m) after the lightning hit him.

It has also has left the man with less than 50% hearing in both ears.

And not to mention the inconvenience of being struck, losing hearing, charring, the smell of burning eternally in your nostrils, time off work and a probable development of a fear of storms what people are forgetting is the fact that it toasted his i-pod, melted it into a nothing more than an expensive doorstop. So not only has he got to overcome the fear of ever wearing a music player again, buy a new one and fill it up, he can then only hear it half as well as he could before, Bummer. So think again before listening to your tunes in a storm or don’t and play a heavenly game of Russian roulette with lightning. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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