Interpol-Our love to admire

Moody Joy Division miserablists Interpol are back with their new album ‘Our love to admire’ follow up to the amazing ‘Antics’ and straight away its business as usual for the boys on this the third outing. ‘Pioneer to the falls’ opens the album in a strangely mellow fashion a six minute trudge that suggests that there may be some experimentation on this record. ‘No I in threesome’ is much more upbeat and suddenly it hits me, the sound is filled out with keyboards something the last two albums didn’t have, that’s what’s different and that’s what’s adding that extra something. Still the themes are similar and there is always a foreboding and desolation to the compositions. In ‘scale’ there is some excellent guitar work as the vocal funeral marches over the top, but its lead single ‘Heinrich Maneuver’ that puts us in familiar territory with its stabbing bass and jarring guitar. ‘Mammoth’ is just that a mammoth tune, chords chiming out over twisted lyrics and echoing noise. ‘Pace is the trick’ sounds like Coldplay would if you locked them in a cupboard with nothing but downers and gin it contains some excellent overlaid vocals. ‘All fired up’ with its ‘I’ll take you on’ chant it’s the equivalent of someone stepping up to you in the pub, its scary and exciting all at once. ‘Rest my chemistry’ fades in on a piano before hitting a groove and continuing with a great riff that makes this one the stand out tracks here, ‘I haven’t slept for days, bathed in nothing but sweat’ it’s the ultimate come down. ‘Who do you think?’ carries on the baton being both upbeat musically and downbeat lyrically. But its next track ‘wrecking ball’ that is the most interesting song here managing to still sound like Interpol but while trying out allsorts of new things and this widening of their horizons pays off its just a shame it took this far into the album to do it. Last track ‘lighthouse’ is again a very different affair starting minimal with a haunting guitar and vocal it meanders along until about two minutes in when the piano crashes in taking the sound that little higher before dropping back again. It’s a strange track for the band and I think a stranger album closer. It makes the album kind of fizzle out rather than go with a bang despite its efforts to crescendo towards the end. All in all though Interpol are still blazing their way forward making good strong music and just managing to stay ahead of the pack. ‘Our love to admire’ is a great record and added to their pervious outings it is forming the basis of a good body of work.

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