Winter in July

‘Like winter in July’ sang Bomb the Bass in the late nineties and they were not wrong. When I walked to work today it was cold, overcast and raining and it shouldn’t be, its July not February, what the fuck is going on? Is this global warming? Or global cooling? Is this punishment for all the hairspray we used in the eighties? Because a quick flip through any old photo album from that time is punishment enough I can assure you. I think we have all come to the conclusion that the weekend of Glastonbury will be rubbish weather its now almost a given but as we creep into July surely the temperatures should creep up to? Don’t tell me I have to suffer seasonal adjusted depression longer than is necessary? It’s bad enough living in this country but without any sunshine its enough to drive you round the bend. All I want to do is sit in the park, maybe have a picnic or an ice cream, simple pleasures but enough to raise the spirits a little. Instead at the moment  I just get drenched on average three times a day, then I have to sit at work in wet clothes and eventually after getting wet then drying out, getting wet again and then drying out you start to smell like a damp dog. It all very unpleasant. So please Mr.Sun pop your hat on and come out to play so we can all give a resounding ‘hip hip hip hooray’.

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