Big bad shop.

So I go to Asda to do my big shop. Now big shop for me consists of trying to buy as many packet things that its easy to cook and cheap as I can carry while still keeping the variety, oh and toilet rolls as the Sheryl Crow message of helping the environment by only using 1 sheet didn’t grip the imagination in my house. I put two toilet rolls of average quality in the bathroom yesterday and when I went just this afternoon they have gone, not been moved or hidden, used the empty rolls left as all the evidence needed. Two whole rolls, between two people in less then 16 hours, well the Guinness book of fucking records on the phone I think I’ve got one for you, that or a doctor, what the hell have they been doing? Anyway I’ve done my shop and made it to the checkout only to find that the lovely white carrier bags I’m used to seeing have been replaced by clear bags, clear, see-through. So thanks Asda now as I walk home the rest of the world can see how badly I eat too, thanks. Good job I wasn’t buying porn, and butt plugs and KY jelly (I know Asda don’t sell those but I’m trying to prove a point).

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