4 Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Firstly let’s get this out of the way, I liked the first Fantastic Four film and I really enjoyed Rise of the Silver Surfer, there I’ve said it. When a sequel is done properly and all the background information and origins are dealt with in the first film you can just crack on with the action. So welcome back Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben the Fantastic Four for some fantastic fun. With recent superhero films trying to go darker (Batman Begins, Ghostrider etc) it’s refreshing to see a comic come to life with such humour and watch ability for the viewer. It never takes its self too serious and the jokes are as good as the action. The Surfer himself is pretty impressive as is Galactus (what you see of him) Victor Von Doom is back and hammier than ever and they even introduce the Fantastic car. The set pieces are great especially the one at the London Eye where the four battle the Surfer and contend with the falling wheel full of tourists. The storyline is solid and leaves enough room for every one of the characters to shine through, the effects are good and the music adds the finishing touches to the overall package. If you liked the first film, superheroes and action packed fun then you will love the Rise of the Silver Surfer. With the recent disappointment of Spiderman and Pirates 3 it’s nice to leave a cinema saying ‘I thoroughly enjoyed that’
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