Paradise Lost

So I went to see Paradise Lost, I’m not proud of it, I was having a really bad day and though seeing some teenagers tortured would cheer me up. Well it’s probably no surprise to you to hear it is a typical horror in every sense of the word. Pretty girls, macho boys, brutal deaths, foreign bad guys etc etc it fits every one of the stereotypes that you’d expect from a teen slasher flick. That said out of all the film of this genre that have been flooding the screens recently I have to say this is one of the best of a bad bunch. Its shot pretty well, the actors are likable, the story is feasible, there are a few good jumps and a whole section filmed in underwater caves. If you thought that the Descent was claustrophobic with its little tunnels and caves wait until you see this, swimming through water filled underground caves never quite sure where the next air pocket will be I was holding my breath with them. With all the fuss surrounding the Borat film and what it was saying about Kazakhstan I cant see this film doing a great deal for Brazil or its tourist trade, its enough to put you off backpacking for life. It won’t win any awards, it won’t change your life but it will entertain and scare you for an hour and a half so in that respect it does what it says on the tin.

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